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Addie’s Jamaican Cuisine

Restaurant: Addie’s Jamaican Cuisine
Location: 3116 North Davidson Street
Website: n/a
Dress: Casual
Cuisine: Jamaican
Price Range: Entrées: $8.50-10
Rating: 4 out of 5 spoons

The Scoop:

Mike and I have a love-hate relationship with Addie’s which basically boils down to: love the food, hate the service. The service has been so abysmally terrible for us that Mike almost refuses to go back — almost. But the food is so hypnotizingly, satisfyingly, heavenly delicious that we can’t stay away.

Let’s focus on the good part first: the food. And “good” is an understatement. My favorite dish at Addie’s is the generous, succulent, tender, juicy Pot Roast. It gives you that happy, warm-tummy feel that makes you want to roll over like a dog waiting for a belly rub. Dredge your rice and beans (and bread, and anything else available) through the savory sauce that accompanies the pot roast and you’ll be in love.

Addie's Pot Roast
Addie’s Pot Roast

With each entrée you have a choice of white rice, yellow rice, or rice and peas (which, it turns out, is actually rice and red beans). I highly recommend the rice and beans — they’re so good that they could stand alone as an entrée. They have the perfect saltiness and texture. The plantains that accompany the meal are just the right thickness so that they don’t turn to mush in your mouth and the caramelization on the outside of them is heavenly. Might want to order an extra side of these because only a few come with your meal and you’re going to want more!

Another dish that totally rocks is the Jerk Chicken. I didn’t get to experience the full effect of the perfect spice blend since they toned down the heat when I tried it (it was my little brother’s entrée and I guess he doesn’t look like he can handle it. No offense, Alex). Regardless, I could taste the love — that sweet tangy flavor. All portions were generous!

Addie's Jerk Chicken
Addie’s Jerk Chicken

The final entrée I tried was the Curry Chicken. It sported a delicious sauce with a curry kick that complemented my yellow rice nicely. The chicken was cooked well but I’m always a little disappointed when dishes use small portions of chicken but leave the bone in; it just seems like there’s not enough food relative to all the bones you run into. I know, I know, the bones add flavor. Anyway, I’m a baby and don’t like non-edibles in my food. So sue me. It was delicious regardless of my whining.

Addie's Curry Chicken
Addie’s Curry Chicken

As usual, we went overboard and ordered extra goodness. I had to try the macaroni and cheese because no matter what I eat in this universe, macaroni and cheese is pure happiness and will always be my favorite food (imagine lots of little hand-drawn hearts and XOXO’s here). Addie’s didn’t disappoint, though the dish could’ve been a little creamier. The strong flavor of the cheddar and the comforting texture was a great complement to my meal.

Addie's Macaroni and Cheese
Addie’s Macaroni and Cheese

If the food were the only consideration, Addie’s would’ve pulled a cool 5 out of 5 spoons easily. Every meal I’ve had there was fantastic; that is, sadly, except for the bitter flavor of disorganization and poor service. On my first visit, I actually didn’t get to eat; when we arrived, we were told that a party of 8 had made reservations and were going to take up the entire restaurant. That’s not really the restaurant’s fault, right? But then they tried to seat us anyway (we would’ve had about 15 minutes to eat and run, literally) out of kindness and when we politely declined, our server was rude as if our leaving was somehow an imposition! I was a little incensed and, needless to say, got a bad taste in my mouth before ever tasting the food.

The first time I visited and did get to eat, our server was very sweet but definitely very scattered. They were out of diet coke (who runs out of diet coke?!) and, sadly, also had no coco bread, which I hear is a delicious dish. My sister was with me this time, and upon noticing the server’s disorganization confided in me that the service was always the downside for her as well.

But perhaps my last visit takes the cake. Mike and I had decided to get some takeout from Addie’s to avoid the NoDa crowd. He called them to place an order, but the person answering only talked to him briefly before literally just setting the phone down and walking away! As in, Mike could hear the restaurant noise in the background but no one was on the line. He had been mid-order when it happened! I guess they didn’t think anyone would end up blogging about the slight. Little did they know (insert devious laughter here).

When Mike called the second time he was able to order, but upon arriving at the restaurant to pick up the food about 20 minutes later, none of it had even been started! He had to wait for them to prepare all the food — it took well over 40 minutes from when we ordered to obtain our meal. It took so long that I remember panicking about whether or not Mike had gotten mugged and was lying unconscious in an alley somewhere.

When he finally got back to me with our food (I was starving at this point), we realized with misery that they had left out my macaroni and cheese. DID I MAKE IT CLEAR HOW MUCH I LOVE MACARONI AND CHEESE?! Mike, always a champion, drove back to get the mac and cheese (thank you, honey). I would’ve assumed after all we’d been through that they’d give me a nice heaping spoonful to soothe my ruffled feathers . . . but there was just a meager scoop for all our trouble.

Now, I’m a forgiving person. Everyone has off nights. But something has been wrong literally all three times I’ve interacted with the restaurant staff at Addie’s. And we’re not talking a missing knife or a slightly loud stereo system! These were pretty significant errors. I don’t think anyone at that restaurant means a bit of harm, and most of them are very nice, but if you’re trying to build a successful restaurant and entice people to return, at some point you’ve gotta get it together.

You might be wondering how this restaurant obtained 4 out of 5 spoons if the service was as bad as I described. Well Mike, as I mentioned, almost won’t return, but the food has me so hooked that I’m willing to suffer. I mean, it’s THAT GOOD. If you’re willing to take the chance, you should definitely weather the possibly poor service to taste the comforting, delicious Jamaican cuisine Addie’s is well-loved for.

Have you been to Addie’s Jamaican Cuisine? How was your service? Want to recommend a dish for me to try on my next trip (because I’m going back for Pot Roast no matter what Mike says)? Share your thoughts by clicking on the “Comments” link below.