Coffee Cup Sighting in NoDa!

Faithful readers,

First, apologies for the delay in postings. My day job is getting in the way of my night-or-weekend-or-whenever-I-have-ten-minutes job! I promise updates soon! I have a delectable Thai restaurant tournament waiting to be posted.

I just wanted to tune in for a moment and tell you about a fantastic development in the Coffee Cup saga. As you may know, the restaurant unfortunately closed late last year and owner Gardine Wilson seemed very pessimistic about the possibility of reopening. Something must have changed, though, because the Coffee Cup is indeed open in NoDa! This is fantastic news for me and Mike, who will be visiting soon. If you didn’t get a chance to try it before, swoop in and be thankful you didn’t miss out altogether.

Incidentally, Addie’s Jamaican Cuisine (which was also in NoDa) closed its doors, but you know, with that service . . . it’s really no surprise. Sorry to lose the red beans and rice, though.

Reviews soon!


4 responses to “Coffee Cup Sighting in NoDa!

  1. Please tell me how to get to The Coffee Cup in NoDa from south Charlotte— Quail Corners.
    Thank You Greta

  2. If you want Jamaican/Caribbean food don’t forget about Austin’s! I’m partial to their curry shrimp and the sides. The collards and macaroni are fantastic. And of course everyone likes the jerk dishes. Also Mama’s on Central is popular.

    • charlottespoon

      Ooh, thanks for the recommendation, Jackson! I’d never heard of Austin’s! We’ll have to give it a shot. I tried Mama’s and really loved everything but the goat — chewy and with lots of bone. But I think it’s like that everywhere I’ve had it! I loved their mac and cheese though!

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