Upcoming reviews!

Hi there Charlotte Spooners! You may have noticed that it’s been longer than usual since my last review. Don’t worry; I’m still eating my way around Charlotte! Funny story, though: I broke the “L” key on my keyboard, and writing an entire review while copying and pasting my L’s is a little too daunting for me! Never fear, though, because my new keyboard was shipped out yesterday.

Upcoming reviews to look forward to (tell me which ones you’re most excited about!):

  • The Coffee Cup
  • Intermezzo Cafe and Pizzeria
  • Lulu’s
  • Aladdin’s Cafe
  • The Chain Review: Tijuana Flats, Five Guys
  • A BONUS Mama Ricotta’s post (yes, Mike and I went back! And it was even better this time!



4 responses to “Upcoming reviews!

  1. After visiting Intermezzo three times in the past few months, I have to say it is one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte. The vibe is hard to beat, the food is even better.

  2. Munchie,

    I COMPLETELY agree! It’s a hidden gem. It’s definitely one of my Charlotte favorites as well.

  3. Looking forward to the Lulu review… one of my favorite places.

  4. Hi Gary!

    Thanks for reading! We actually had a bad experience, believe it or not, and Lulu will be one of my first negative reviews. Be sure to comment with your experience when I post it. I’ve heard several good things about the place, so I hope our dinner was an isolated incident! The Spooners will appreciate a balanced view!

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